Grand Beer Tour

Westvleteren 12, St. Bernardus Tripel, Kapittel Prior, Struise Pannepot… The who’s who of beers in the Ypres region has conquered the hearts of beer connoisseur all over the world.
Our tour gets underway with a tasting of the legendary Westvleteren 12. With a glass in your hand, you discover all the secrets of beer production. We start on the hop field itself, after which brewery Van Eecke, a real trademark in the region, opens its doors just for you.
Next, we follow the liquid gold from the brewery into the pub. There is no better place to fully enjoy the rich brewing tradition than in two typical local pubs. This will make you even more appreciate Ypres' pride - an authentic experience for anyone who wants to enjoy all tastes of life.
Carefree enjoyment: We pick you up from your hotel in Ypres, which is also our final destination at the end of the day.

Duration: 4,5 hours. Starting from our arrival at the brewery and ending with talking on in the pub.
Notice: The brewers also enjoy a well-earned day off per week. Therefore, we recommend to contact us well in time to make a reservation.

Last Post Tour

7 PM: At the imposing Tyne Cot Cemetery we commemorate the tragedy of the Battle of Passchendaele. With almost 12.000 gravestones and an ineradicable remembrance of 35.000 missing soldiers, this is the largest Commonwealth military cemetery in Continental Europe. You will get to know everything about the history of this location and about the symbolic value of this exceptional Commonwealth cemetery.
8 PM: Under the Menin Gate, the buglers pay their daily tribute to the fallen soldiers of the British Commonwealth and their allies. A moving ceremony that makes us never forget the horrors of war.

Duration: 2 hours. From our arrival at Tyne Cot Cemetery until the end of the Last Post.
We drive you in all comfort to Tyne Cot Cemetery and the Menin Gate, and we take care of the transfers from and to your hotel as well. That means you will be able to fully concentrate on the history of World War I, indissolubly connected with the Westhoek region.

Ypres Salient Tour

Touching Tyne Cot Cemetery is a quiet tribute to the fallen British soldiers of World War I. This is where we take our first steps back in time. Next, we head for Hill 60, where you will experience the reality of the battlefield. On this location, both sides were engaged in a long and fierce battle. The main military tactic consisted of digging secret tunnels under the hills. This mines battle has scarred the landscape: countless explosions ripped the heart out of the hill. The largest and most famous one is the Pool of Peace, a piece of nature with a history of its own. Finally, we visit the restored trenches of Bayernwald, where you will experience life behind the frontline at first hand. This German complex was believed to be impregnable, but in 1917, British soldiers did conquer it. Today it is one of the most significant symbols that keep the memory of World War I alive.

Duration: 4 hours. From our arrival at Tyne Cot Cemetery until our departure back to your hotel.
With Far West Tours, your journey through the Ypres Salient starts and ends at your own hotel. We take care of all transport, so you can fully concentrate on the history of World War I, indissolubly connected with the Westhoek region.

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Far West ToursDo you want to hit the road with us and truly discover the Ypres region? Call us, or even easier: just ask for more information at your hotel’s reception desk.

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